Running into Trouble

Run, baby, run
A co-worker asked me today to go running with her and another colleague in the morning. I actually agreed to it in principle. In reality, I think I may conveniently forget my gym bag at home. There are only a few reasons

- My knee is jacked. I am not sure how or when, but my left knee is a mess and it hurts, and if it hurts when I walk, it will hurt when I run.

- I have not gone running, or walking or done any type of strenuous physical activity in weeks - WEEKS!! I know starting will end this drought, but my inner voice is saying I don't wanna

- But more importantly, the other co-worker who is encouraging us to go run is a beast. I don't mean the girl is not attractive, cause she is. I mean, she is a fitness maven. Hello? She does like triathlons and endurance type competitions and stuff. My idea of endurance is suffering through an entire episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, or sitting in rush hour traffic. Why would I go set myself up for major, earth shattering embarrassment. She is the Xena, Warrior Princess, to my oompa loompa. 

I dunno.I know I neeeeeeeeeeeed to get back into my fitness zone but I am not motivated. At all. I did download some fitness, fat-busting songs onto my iPod but I just skip over them at my desk and listen to Muse and Adele instead. I am getting fatter by the day and soon I will be going to work naked if clothes get any tighter, but I am uninspired - for everything. Even for shopping trips. I have waited til ticket prices to the US and anywhere for that matter on Easter weekend are ridiculously expensive cause I don't want to be the fat kid on vacation. Whether it's trying clothes on or sitting on a beach - being the fat kid is not cute. I'm just not in a good place lately.

Brings me back to this run, doesn't it?

I just need a jump start.


  1. The sun came out, it got warm and I realized that I'm going to be 36 in a month. My motivation is not to be one of those moms who never loose their baby fat!!!

  2. Just do it, Avi. Once you start and the endorphins kick in you'll just want to continue.

  3. I am soooo with you! The weird thing is I worked this past year really hard on eating healthier (down 15lbs) but have gone no where with exercise....I'm sure the scale would move even more with some exercise....but still. :( If you lived closer I would make you just walk with me....and we could listen to Adele and Muse....both amazing choices!

  4. It can be hard to get back into something! I recently signed up for my first 5K! Yet, I haven't been to the gym in weeks.

  5. I agree with whoever said Just do it... because that's what Nike use to tell us: Just do it! :P

    I can totally relate... I use to run... for me it's not even question of weeks I'm talking years here! And I have baby weight to loose... I should just start running again, I would loose it faster... but I can't... I didn't try but in my mind, I just can't... it's a mental barrier...

  6. I get it, I do, but sometimes you just have to do it; whatever it is. I understand not wanting to, and I say find what motivates you. You can do it I know you can.

    That was for me as much as it was for you. :)


  7. Sending you great big *HUGS*. You are beautiful, my Trini godess. Just remember that. But I also know that when you work out with someone you feel is leagues ahead of you, it can be very discouraging (at least it always was for me). Maybe you should start off slow and set your own fitness/weight loss goals. Then maybe you can work your way up to going for that run with your coworker. Think of how good that will make you feel and just work at it. I have faith in you! XOXO


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