I have tried many times to post over the past few days but have had nothing to say really. My life has suddenly become quite dull - filled with work, being tired from work, sleeping, cooking and reality tv. I'm actually trying to think of a meal plan for next week. I have done burritos two weeks in a row and while they were splendid, I am not doing it for another week. And in terms of reality TV, I have limited my boredom fillers to Basketball Wives (featuring a bag of hot mess train wrecks who aren't even real basketball wives), Ice and Coco (Coco is a tanned, inflated mess, but they are a cute couple) and sometimes, Khloe and Lamar (she is my fave of the annoying trio, and I get to see the best Kardashian of all, Rob).

I'm bored really. Bored with the island. I get bored really quickly so here I am. I am (supposed to be) planning an escape for the Easter weekend but have made very little progress with that. I am so ambivalent to the world around me, it's not funny. I am not sure what this is, but it has gripped me, in a strong vice-like grip. The options for the weekend were the Big Apple and the Big Papi - or whatever the real moniker is for Miami. lol. I just need to get off my ass and do it already, or guess what? I'll be bored over Easter.

And completely random observation -shea butter oil smells so nice. I have been using it in my hair for a couple weeks now and the smell...mmm...I wanna just lie in bed and smell myself all day long.

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