Sushi Night Out

Sushi night out
Last evening, I decided to try the new More Vino outlet in San Fernando. Since I am already a patron of the original in the capital city, I was excited to finally try the Southern version - especially since it meant my commute would be less than 20 minutes.

It was fun. The sushi was great. It being St Patrick's Day, I also managed to take a day off from my Lenten abstinence from alcohol, and relax with some wine and cocktails, with some great girls, talking about love, men and relationships. I am still a very cool hybrid of Carrie and Samantha a la Sex and the City.

A couple things I did not like though -

I had booked a table for 3, and yet there was one menu. Now since I got there first, one menu was not a problem, but I did not think I would need to ask for 2 additional menus when my 2 girlfriends got there, and then get a bit of an attitude. What annoyed me was that the place was not that busy, so there should not have been a menu shortage, but apparently, menus are an endangered species in the place. I almost offered to pay for some photocopies!

Then, we are eating, laughing, hanging out. I appreciate attention from waiters or hostesses, but trying to take my plate, before I am even finished, and without even asking is just a bit rude. I felt like they wanted us to leave or clear the table, but again, people were not lined along the streets trying to get in, so what? Yeah...was not feeling that.

But other than that, the sushi was amazing and the night out was fun. The security guard told me I looked like a movie star. Pity, he didn't. Story of my life.


  1. I LOVE sushi! I love nights out with girlfriends!
    I hate it when restaurants try to take your plate before you're done and don't bring you enough menus! Sheesh! You'd think they'd WANT you to stay and chat with your friends and then go tell everyone how much you LOVED their place! NOT the other way around!

    Thanks for linkin' up for Sunday Funday! It's so good to see you around my bloggy space again girlie! MWAH!

  2. Had we not felt rushed, we may have stayed for more drinks or dessert. But the vibe turned me off and we went elsewhere to end the night.
    I will try to be better with visiting and blogging and tweeting. -)

  3. Service in T&T restaurants is hit or miss. I've had good and bad service in every single restaurant I've ever visited on multiple occasions.

    It was so bad at one place that I never set foot in there again. Such a pity because I'm a very good tipper.

  4. I just had a girls night out with some sushi last night, too! Nothing like it!

    Though I'm sorry service at this place was less than stellar. Not sure I understand why they were being so stingy on the menus or why they were rushing to get you out... must have a thing against girls having fun in their establishment or something. Boo on them! But at least you had a good time and that's all that matters :)


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