The Anti-Dating Spot: The Nightclub

Now that I have ended academic life, I am having a life. lol. Sorry for the lack of posts, but between mental and physical exhaustion, and socialising, I just was not in the mood for social media. Hope everyone is well though.

Anyway, I wrote a post about the so-called best places to pick up guys, according to one magazine. I don't think there are many people though who would argue with me that one of the worst places to go man-hunting is a nightclub, if not THE WORST. 

As an aside, I wondered if I am getting too old for nightclubs. Besides screwing up my face at near sexual acts on the dancefloor, like an old grandmother, the patrons are younger and younger. Don't these kids have parents? lol.

But I digress. In the past couple weeks, I have taken my lovely female self to two different clubs here in good ole London and the experience was generally the same - bad. Sure I had fun in a "I love to dance and release" kinda way, but do men really think their approach in nightclubs will work? Of course they do - cause they are drunk, stupid and overconfident (because of drinks and other substances).

Exhibit A - The half-Trini, as he called himself. Probably the most successful last weekend, cause he got a phone number. But it was not mine. He had his eye on my girlfriend. So why does he make my list? 

Dude, if you want to talk, dance, screw or whatever with my girlfriend, be my guest. However, dude was really spoiling my good time. I mean, we had an initial conversation when I realised he was a bonafide member of the flock (Trini) and we high-fived etc, but okay, you're not interested, I'm not interested and you are scoping out my friend. Great for you but don't come to ruin my good time with idle, slurred conversation when you really want to talk to my friend. Is this frickin' high school? Am I the intermediary? At a night club? Your "game" is ruining my night. Boy, please. Move along. He was - an-noy-ing.

Exhibit B - The Nigerian. You already know where this is going if you have been a loyal reader of my blog. No? Stellar encounters like this one. So I am in the club, and the deejay is putting down some wicked urban beats, and then to my amazement, dropped some Machel, and I am shaking what my mama and Haagen Dazs gave me, and this guy is looking at me. Not even close to my type - short, round head, looking like a bowling ball in a t-shirt. He raises his glass, I dunno, in appreciation, solidarity...whatever and I willed myself not to roll my eyes so instead I nod and avert my gaze back to my drink. Bad move. Worst move ever - don't do it ladies. Rule #1 - never acknowledge them, because in warp speed this dude was in front of me, grabbing my hand like it was his to grab, and trying to pull me on the dancefloor with him. I was like, wtf! 

After much pulling and tugging, I managed to rescue my hand from the vice-like grip and he then engages in more club conversation. Dudes, clubs are not for, as the hood rats would say, "conversating" (lol). I don't wanna talk to you - about your life, your career, your mama. I just wanna dance. If I find you attractive, I will dance with you. If I feel like you need a charity grind, I will dance with you. But I am not interested in screaming at the top of my lungs about my hopes and dreams for the future. Why do they do this?

Anyway, during this shouting match he tells me where he is from (no, made me guess, cause I was privileged enough to have a Nigerian wanting luck) and wants my number. No chance in hell. What's even worse, if you want to be a Grade A nuisance, can you ensure you smell good at least? The guy stank. His 24 hour underarm protection clocked out after maybe 16 hrs, and after hunting high and low yesterday for my regular brand of mouthwash with no luck, I understand why his breath was also as sweet as a city dump. I had to get away. And I did.

I came back from my sweet escape to find him gone and I started shaking again. Within 5 minutes, he materialised like a la diablesse beside me again. And grabs my phone which I had in my hand. Grabs my so and so phone! This guy had his chance to escape without unleashing the brute force of my disgusting Trini mouth, but enough was enough. Needless to say, he spent the rest of the evening on the lower level of the dancefloor looking up at me, like a kicked dog, while I continued shaking my ass - alone.

Exhibit C - Last night. Do you think approaching a group of beautiful black women and going  "I like black girls" will really get you a date, buddy? I mean, he was a cute Scandinavian type and before he opened his mouth I thought, nice. But really?? He left with his love for black women still intact I am sure, cause my friends were not too harsh, but he left without a phone number or a dance.

Exhibit D - The dude who stepped on my foot by accident causing me to physically push him away. He was very apologetic but his brand of apology I could do without. "I am sorry" still works. I did not need the hand holding and the kiss. I don't know you, buddy. WTH!

These were the major highlights, but it is an important reminder to single women everywhere. 
If you are looking for sex - nightclub.
If you are looking for a practice ground to perfect your eyeroll, your fluency in profanity and your dissing mechanisms - nightclub. 
If you are looking for the man of your dreams, you might be better off with Cosmo's picks like the Apple Store and my personal "favourites" - the cocktail bar and the supermarket.


  1. Night clubs are the scourge of the devil.

    I don't see the appeal. You can't talk to anyone, the dancing looks like someone having a seizure while magically staying upright, and everything is ridiculously expensive. If I were told that I had to find my future wife at a club, I would die alone from a masturbation overdose.

  2. I never did well at the clubs. I don't like people I don't know touching me. Hell, there are a lot of people I DO know that I don't want touching me.
    I'm still appalled that the dude actually grabbed your phone. Out of your hand. After you already refused to give him your number. It's like the normal rules of society fly out the window once you enter the club scene.

  3. ROFLMAO! I do NOT miss being single at the club! I used to always run into every type that you described here. Hillarious. Why don't they understand that sometimes, we just want to dance and nothing else

  4. Whiles there are a host of lovely people in a nightclub that is probably not the place you're going to meet your future other half. It's just not the right environment - too noisy, too full of drunk horny people and too full of loads of people portraying themselves as something they're not. Shame really.

  5. Whoowhee! LMAO!!!! This is sooo funny! And true! Ugh! I hate nightclubs too. Sometimes I just want to go to dance, but for sure, the hassles and bullcrap make it seem like a waste.

  6. The club scene has never really appealed to me. And now I remember why.

  7. So true! Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

  8. You always give me a good laugh! I'm so done with the night club scene. I just don't have the time or the patience. And I'm 28. So.... I guess I'll be trying the coffee shops or bookstores.

  9. OMG, girl. I love you. And I love THIS POST! Genius. And so very true. Sorry about the toe-stepping, bad breath, and awkward conversations on the dance floor. Geeeez, sometimes we just wanna DANCE, ya'll!

    And SWEET BABY JESUS what is wrong with Scandinavian dude? Clearly he didn't get the memo that that is absolutely NOT appropriate to say under any circumstances. Oy.

    Can we also just addres one more thing here? What is it with men who think they can just bump up on you out of nowhere? I hate when I have to do an asscheck in my circle. "HEY! You totally got a guy coming in for the kill," and then I have to extend my hand and pull them out of reach. What IS that?!

  10. Also, all that being said I think I'm hanging up my high-heeled stilletos. Night clubs are just not my place anymore.

  11. Looks like some things never change! LOL

    Visiting from the party at Carol's place! And following now too!

  12. Haha this post was hilarious!!! I never get approached at clubs and sometimes it makes me sad (I'm taken so I'm definitely not looking, it's just an ego thing! :P), but now I'm kinda feeling maybe it's a good thing...

  13. Nice post! Clubs are the worst of the worst, but usually make for an eventful night!


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