Are you a 30-something Geriatric?

Disclaimer: This is by no means a sweeping indictment of all 20-somethings. I mean, I used to be one and I was pretty awesome then too! And if you ARE a 30-something geriatric, we need to talk, Dr Phil style!

I left the house yesterday to wander through London, ending up at Haagen Dazs for a bit of chocolate orgasm and having the misfortune to sit next to a young lady who apparently had parrot's bottom for breakfast cause God...the girl talked and talked and talked...and talked. I looked over at her friend to see if there were any tell-tale signs of wear and tear on her ears and saw none that were visible but I am sure she was traumatised. While I tried my darndest to ignore her conversation - about her upcoming wedding, her job as an events assistant, her fiance, Canada, who's coming to the wedding, what she had for dinner the night before, the rehearsal dinner - it was really hard not to feel like I was at her table. But one comment that stuck with me was when she was describing some guy named Anthony (??) and she said

"It's incredible. He's 32 and has soooo much energy."

I almost choked on my whipped cream - if that is even possible.

The girl is clearly young, and a bit daft, but when did 32 become geriatric? Energy at 32? OMG. The horror! I felt my insides shrivel up and die at that moment - my 30-something year old insides. I should not even be talking about heels and flip flops. I should be reviewing wheelchairs and walkers!

Cheers to 30!
I'm not sure who the 30-somethings in her life are, but 30 is awesome, baby! After this postgrad experience, being around undergrads and just-out-of-undergrad 20-somethings, I honestly have no desire to go back to being 22, 23, 24. Maybe 27 - cause that was an awesome year for me, and I remember my birthday party - I was smokin', but I am pretty okay being a ravishing 30-something, with all the wear and tear of experience on my face (though I am not feeling the grey hairs, Mother Nature), in my smile and on my wisdom and outlook - which for the most part is as as sunny as London is today and it is pretty damn sunny outside.

And just as an FYI, 20-something year old motor mouth - sure you might have a few things up on your 30-something counterparts, like perkier boobs, fewer laugh lines, higher metabolism, but if you want to talk about energy:
When we hit 30, certain things get worse -- our boobs, ability to pull all-nighters, and energy levels -- but our sex life is not one of them - Yahoo! (read more)
Sleep with one eye open if the woman next to you and your hubby at the breakfast buffet on your honeymoon is over 30. lol.

Anyway, the evening ended being surrounded by other London geriatrics, who all seemed very alive, and enjoying life, and many many cocktails and then today started with some soca in New York - Kes The Band on Good Day New York, representing my beautiful country, Trinidad and Tobago - a land known for its energy, joie de vivre and resilience.


  1. LOL i mean, how does he even manage to get OUT OF BED at that age??? There are students here at the med. school in st. maarten that are FIFTY. My sis-in-law is almost 40 and she could probably out party/out shop/outlast me any day of the week.

  2. Fully agree with you! This is very unfair and untrue! Well said!

  3. Whit - I know! At 32, one cannot possibly have a normal life cause one is always tired and in pain! lol

    Claudia - I hope our girl has a healthy, happy life before she hits 30 cause according to her viewpoint, life ends then!

  4. Ok, I may be 30 something, and a mom to boot, but I'm still hot dang it! LOL

  5. I love this. I want to retweet it like 100 times. LOL...I'm also 30-something...I feel tired, but I never feel old. Bring on the stilettos!

  6. if 30 is geriatric, then I'm an old crone...and I don't think so. Daft is probably accurate.

  7. Oh blimey. I only have four more days of being thirty something. Now I feel even more ancient.

    Thing is, though, I can remember a time when people who were thirty did seem really old.

  8. I was just thinking the other day that in my head I am much younger than I actually am. However, our mind is a powerful tool. I won't lie though, these creaky knees have me feeling geriatric at 32!

  9. Oh my goodness!! Hahahaha, and I'm almost 40 (turned 37 in Feb), what am I, almost dead? LOL!

  10. Bravo, dahhling! Well said! Today is my 31st birthday and I couldn't feel more fabulous and fierce! Okay, so I do go to bed a bit earlier than usual and perhaps reading a good book is my favorite past time (as opposed to watching mindless reality tv)...but hey! I look and feel good doing it! LOL

  11. You know what's funny? I just saw that particular episode of "Single and Fabulous?" SATC episode (it's listed under this post as "You might also like...")

    Anyway, what the hell with 20-somethings thinking 30-year-olds are over the hill?! Was I that naive when I was in my 20s?! I'd like to think not. SHEEEEEESH! And seriously... little does she know that 30-y/o's are quite the tigers/tigresses in the bedroom. So THERE!


    I wish I had sound on my computer. I'll have to return later to catch Kes the Band!


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