Game of Thrones is Back: The North Remembers

Stannis Baratheon and his sorceress
After what seemed like the longest 8 months ever, the battle continued on Sunday night, with the season 2 premiere of  Game of Thrones.  Hallelujah. An epic wait, lemme tell ya.

I had been counting down to this night for monthssss, and then earlier this week, came to a devastating realisation - I did not have HBO. lol.

I was so caught up with work that I still did not have HBO as of 1pm today. Thank God for 24/7 customer service. I will no doubt disconnect this package at the end of Season 2 but until then...

King Joffrey - a bit like Herod, a bit like Hitler - a terror
The best moments of this premiere episode:
  • The introduction of Stannis - Well cast, and long awaited.
  • Robb and Grey Wind, vs Jamie - How the tables have turned, The boy conquers the mighty Lannister, and his dire wolf, huge and brooding, almost eats Jamie's face off.
  • The slap heard around the kingdoms - Joffrey is a twat, and Cersei exercised her motherly right to discipline the twat, at much risk to herself
  • The Roberticide- How else can you call the slaying of King Robert's bastard children across the realm? Awful but makes for captivating television
  • Tyrion - By far, the best character, and always a joy to watch.
  • The eye candy - Of course, the Stark boys are still hot. Duh.
Can't wait for next week!!


  1. Love Game of Thrones so much! I've read the books a million times, but have to wait for season 2 since I alas, cannot get HBO in the truck that is my home. Guess I'll survive watching Season 1 over and over on Blu-Ray and reading all the blog posts I can find about it!

  2. Can't you stream it? I watched all of Season 1 that way when I was in London.


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