Every Kitten Heel Does Not Have Its Day

The Kitten Heel
While watching this week's episode of "Basketball Wives", an important, yet apparently unacceptable trend reared its ugly head. The women, in between pulling each other's weaves out and calling each other "bitch", were aghast that one silly "wife", Kenya, was actually wearing...wait for it...kitten heels.

Now in case you needed reminding...

The kitten heel is the unhappy medium between a flat shoe and the seductress high heel. I will admit to owning shoes with kitten heels. Walking on sex bomb heels is not comfortable, and sometimes you want a bit of a heel. But I will admit, a kitten heel is no stand-in for a good and proper sexy high heeled shoe.

The sexy high heel
The kitten heel does not evoke the same sensual emotions which a high heeled shoe does. Men don't get tongue tied over a women's legs in kitten heels. The kitten heel does not elongate the leg or give definition to the calf. They are just   there.

But Michelle Obama wears them. I am sure a few of you own a pair. I admit to having a couple pairs. I prefer a high sexy heel, but they are not always practical or comfortable are they? So what do you think? To kitten or not to kitten?

Poor kitty.


  1. I hate them but understand their merits. Regardless, they irk me so. I'd rather wear flats or a short wedge than those things.

  2. I wear them for work or things like that. I would never wear them somewhere fancy.

  3. I kitten sometimes. For work. I actually find them more comfortable than flats!

  4. I think they're cute! And a hell of a lot more comfortable to walk around in then sky-high heels. Just my two cents (then again, I teeter on anything above 2 inches, hehe).

  5. Also, I think Birkenstocks are sexy. So I might not be the right person to ask.


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