Celebrating my Inner Child (and my inner hunter)

Photo credit: FunStation, Trinidad
The weekend was so nice, I don't want it to end.

Yesterday, I took my nephew to Fun Station, where they have all the rides and games and all that fun stuff. Truth be told, I had more fun than he did. There's nothing quite like waking up your inner child, is there? From bumper cars to the shooting range (I especially liked this - maybe I have some pent up resentment and aggression. Beware! ), I had myself a damn good time. It was surely a funny sight though, as I had my Easter Bunny ears on, which my nephew loved, and a rifle in my grip, with dogged determination to hit my target in my eyes.

The kids were having a ball, but sadly, so were their horny fathers. I mean, if your thing is dirty husbands and baby daddies, then this would be the place for you. lol. There they were with their kids in their arms, but their eyes on my ass. I was personally having too much fun to be bothered.

Finishing up my tasks for today which included laundry and my fat busting soup for the week, and then I am a vegger's dream for the rest of the day! The weekend was way too short. Five days can never be enough. :-)


  1. Oh man, around here, it's that places like that are filled with surly teenagers who stare at anyone older than 18 with a look like "What are YOU doing in here?"

  2. What the what?! Okay, NOT what I was expecting to hear you say. What is WRONG with men?? Forget it, we'd be here all day. LOL I kid. Anyway, that's just insane. But it does sound like you had a great day. I've MISSED you, girl. Please forgive me for being a horrible bloggy friend. Love what you've done with the place. Looks beautiful here! Off to catch up now!


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