Wanted: A Vacation of Nothing

I read a post last week that spoke to why one has to disconnect in order to reconnect, and I truly believe that this is important, whether it is a lavish vacation, or a weekend in your house, with just you, a book and not much else. Sometimes the daily grind can get the better of us and we really put our emotions and mental faculties to the test.

So, while I just had the best vacation ever, I get bored quickly and on top of that, I am tired. The truth is, my last vacation, while amazing, was not relaxing or restful. I was Energiser Tourist - wanting to see everything and do everything that was recommended. It was lovely and while it recharged me somewhat, it certainly did not recharge my body and I did not have much downtime to truly recharge my spirit either. Between multiple walking tours, very early morning airport runs, and lugging the heavy pink bag across Europe, I was dead when I got back to Trinidad and even needed an extra day off to recover. Now the good vacation mojo has worn off and I am sometimes too snarky for my own good and physically, between long hours and this impossible quest towards fitness (and old age??), I am always exhausted, and can barely make it through after work drinks.

That being said, I always take a trip in the last quarter of the year to somewhere, and while I am totally not an island vacation type girl*, I am really feeling a vacation of nothing.

*I live on an island. I have been to other islands, including Oahu. Unless that island has some "wow" factor other than blue waters and white sands, I am really not that interested. For that, I can go to Tobago and be quite content.

It was actually the plan for my birthday vacation last year, before those plans were derailed when some ass decided that he would test the reinforcements on the driver's side of my car as I was on my way to my pre-birthday dinner. Yeah, last year's birthday was stressful and was mainly marked by multiple trips to the insurance company, the dealership's service bay etc etc. We will hopefully not have a repeat of this crap this year. I want a vacation of nothing.

Well, maybe not NOTHING. Let's not lose perspective. I need activity but it would not be the rabid tourist/sightseeing type trip. It would just be me, my Kindle, my Tablet (okay, I need to stay connected) and the staff of some nice resort where I can work out, cool down and lay back.

There are a lot of spa and fitness or retreat type vacations out there set against the backdrop of blue seas and white sands, and one I am quite amenable to at this point, as I sit here typing and stretching my strained shoulder and stiff neck and my sore muscles from a 5am run that I probably should have passed on today as I was too tired. But anyway...

Something like The Body Holiday. My friend honeymooned here and said it was perfect. I am sure it is muy expensivo, but one must aim high and if you need to bring it back down to reality, okay. lol.

If Tobago can offer me a full package of fitness, yoga and spoilage, then bring it.

I have been thinking a lot about St Maarten as well - an island vacation I truly enjoyed and would not mind doing again, though this time I would definitely stay on the French side and not the Dutch side. And if all goes well with the fitness plan, well...you never know what can happen on Orient Beach. :-)

Until then, going to exercise my credit card swiping at my friendly Hi-Lo supermarket as I need some food for all this healthy cooking I need to get back to.


  1. A resort that offers optional activities (fitness classes, sailing, etc) sounds like the perfect balance. You can chose to relax and partake in the activities as you feel so inclined. Happy SITS Saturday!

  2. My husband and I are the same way. When we visit somewhere we want to see it all, we even make maps ahead of time of the stuff we want to see so we don't lose time traveling back and forth. By the time I get home I'm exhausted and need a vacation from my vacation. But apart from going to a resort I'm having trouble thinking of places to go where I wouldn't be tempted to cram as much in as possible.

  3. I so agree with this post. We all need that vacation to relax.

  4. I have trouble doing nothing, even on vacation. So I know what you mean about being tired even after a getaway. The Body Holiday looks amazing. Good luck finding a vacation of nothing - or at least aim for 24 hours of nothing!

  5. I always feel that way after vacations. I need a vacation after our vacations! I would be thrilled to go to any island! Visiting from SITS Sharefest!

  6. I would love to go on a beach vacation with only my Kindle for company. A vacation of something sounds perfect.

  7. We are heading to The Body Holiday in Sept for our 4 year wedding anniversary - cant wait!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  8. We do both, in America we do the running around an see eveyrthing vacation. Washington D.C., or Yellowstone National Park, Arizona & The Grand Canyon... Then we do the do nothing vacation.... Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, Belize, Grand Cayman Islands. Here we disconnect and relax and get back in touch with ourselves and each other. Oh for entertainment we are all certified Scuba Divers, so we dive... :)


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