Death of a Foodie Superstar!!!

Yesterday, I felt sick. Deep down sick. And I listened to my body and it was was SHOUTING...

Chile, you keep putting all sorts of crap in me and I have had enough of it, so take jammin'.

The last straw was probably girls' night on Saturday, where besides girl talk and buckets of laughter, we had sushi, wine and cocktails, and then ended the night with Belgian waffles and ice cream with too much whipped cream and girlish nonsense. It was a great evening, but...

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling like crap, and even though I still whipped up a more sensible brunch that same morning for las chicas, I knew I had hit rock bottom. The good times had to stop rollin'.

Honestly, I have not been taking very good care of myself for a while and the effects are seriously manifesting themselves now, through bad skin, weight gain (duh), lethargy and all those yucky feelings, so I am hanging up my cocktail glass and my knife and fork, and busting out my juicer.

I do a detox 2-3 times a year (remember this post-holiday detox moment), as it brings me back from the brink of destruction and more importantly, reminds me that I am at my best when I eat well, and by well, I don't mean overdoing it, but eating healthily. My mojo is gone and well, it's time to get it back. I made an emergency detour after work to run into Hi-Lo to get all I needed for this juice cleanse, cranked up the old juicer, and added celery, spinach, apples, cucumber and ginger to make a very refreshing and natural nightcap after a long work day. I know these are not the awesome food pics you have come to know and love but it's really quite delicious and all natural. I had a green frothy moustache after downing this number.

This week - lots of water, lots of fresh food, usually no caffeine but let's get serious, now. lol. I need my coffee. I will just have one cup instead of 2. Promise.

Annnnnd lots of sweat purging aka exercise.

I need to better manage and channel what little energy I have left into staying focused at the gym. I have enlisted my girlfriends as support and I have also done the unthinkable but something that is on my bucket list, albeit somewhere at the very bottom - signed up for a road race! Jeebus! Now don't get excited, I will not be running any marathons, as I think it is well known...WELL KNOWN...that I hate running. It's just a couple 5Ks but clearly the goal of getting back into all these clothes I have in my closet is not enough motivation. I think my Hi-Lo girls are tired of the pink t-shirt I have been beating every week, and let's not talk about the daily struggle of trying to decide what to wear and which outfit to recycle to go to work. And yet, that has not pushed me over the cliff towards ending the madness yet. However...public embarrassment, or rather, staving off public embarrassment is a great motivator, and yeah, that sense of accomplishment and all that after school special stuff.

No cocktails this weekend. No nothing. And it's a long holiday weekend too. Cripes! I will be home. With my Kindle and my juicer and my water bottle. Wish me luck!


  1. You can do it!!!! (Long distance motivation!)

  2. When you hit that wall, you hit that wall! Yep, the good times came to a screeching halt! ouch. Hopefully, you'll begin to feel a bit better in the next week or two. (I probably should invest in a juicer. I have a blender, but I rarely use it...sigh.) As for your running endeavor -- girlllll -- I'm cheering you on from the sidelines! I wish you luck! Make me proud!

  3. How's it going with the detox? I"m about to start cleansing and I'm, uhm, nervous. It'll be my first but like you, I'm motivated by the fact that my clothes aren't fitting me comfortably any longer and I'll be damned if I go a size up in jeans. GRRR!!!

    You can do it, sister :) I'm sure you'll feel better in no time. And your green smoothie sounds delicious!

    1. The detox is not that bad really. My juices are delicious and I am eating fresh, home made foods - usually a nice salad minus dressing, or a light soup. Feeling better after a week of this so far, and thinking of taking it to a second week to get me in a healthy state of mind so I can continue eating better when the detox is over.


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