Friday Fun at Fanatic

Our chefs at Fanatic Kitchen Studio
So last week, on my regularly scheduled day off, I decided to strike against errands, work brought from the office, and hustling and have a DAY OFF. I started the day at Nichossa's Restaurant and Bakery Desserts, with a long, leisurely, and fun breakfast with the mumsy, and ended it at Fanatic Kitchen Studio, with great people and great food.

So while things have been going on at Fanatic for a while, I, in usual laggard style, had not been yet. See, after a long week at the office, and waking up at 3am every day, I go through these phases of petulance and bad-mind, where I rant, "I drive up the highway all week and nothing can get me on that highway on the weekend cause I am too tired", but there are only so many things one can do in the south of the island, and if you cannot eat another sushi roll, or do not fancy having wine served to you in a glass with a straw (yes!! this happens), you suck it up and fill your gas tank, and your coffee tank.

Anyway, the BFF and I moseyed on up to the Fanatic Kitchen Studio for an evening of food and fun. In what can best be described as an almost intimate and interactive cooking/dinner party, the Meet Me @Fanatic event is aimed at getting people to engage and interact the way we used to, sans technology, face-to-face. Do you remember those days? It used to happen around the same time we mailed actual letters to people. Needless to say, that was always going to be a hard sell in a world where everyone is plugged in, all the time, whether it is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever it is. The smart phones were everywhere, like gadgety gnats. Still, we did “log off” long enough to meet new people – some we did not know at all until that evening, and some we may have only interacted with over the interwebs. Special hello to the gorgeous ladies - Trinichow, Corey from Learning Patience and the bubbly, Introvertly Bubbly. What a treat to meet you all offline, and it was not even planned!

But the real highlight and the real draw was always going to be the food, from the pholourie battered shrimp, to the potato and fish cakes with curry mayo, to the trininista-five star winning pork loin stuffed with cornbread, goat’s cheese and cranberries. That pork was the truth!

Potato and fish cakes with curry mayo

Jambalaya - smelled nice but I did not have any as it had ochroes

The winning pork - pork loin stuffed with cornbread, goat's cheese and cranberries

Veggie Crostata - layers of yummy vegetables

The nameless cocktail was lovely. The "sangria" was...

There were live cooking demonstrations, a mixology demonstration and lots of chatting, as the small group of maybe 30-35 persons, boasted some great individuals. My one comment in aid of improvement would be directed at the drinks service, which was not the best, and could have used some additional bodies for support. As a "drinkie" (foodie, drinkie...get it? lol), I was mildly disturbed by this, as well as the sangria that was not really a sangria. But, the cocktails, when I got them, were splendid and thanks to a couple of the guests for the donation of vino to keep the evening going.

All in all, it was a nice way to spend one’s Friday evening. When I lived in London, there was always something different to do, and I love that we have feverishly moved away from the same old, same old here as well. So, kudos to the Meet Me @Fanatic team for a great concept for meeting new people in an environment conducive for doing so, as I always say, food is the equaliser. Looking forward to the next one.

Not going up the highway this weekend though. I am way too exhausted. Keeping the good times closer to home, but with great girlfriends, you don't need much.


  1. The potato cakes look absolutely YumYummy...reading this before having breakfast was probably not the best idea...well maybe it was because my Kiddies are going to benefit with a larger than normal Saturday brunch because of Momma's cravings...Thanks so much for sharing :D

  2. Wow -- love the pictures! Love them!

    I need to get myself to Trinidad because this little foodie-enclave of the Caribbean is taunting me. Unfortunately, I'd have to pass on the pork and the jambalaya, but the shrimp, potato and fish cakes and veggie crostatas sound interesting. Mmmmmm...

    Yes, the live cooking and mixology demonstrations -- I'm so there for this! (P.S. I, too, would have been disturbed by the slow drinks service...a girl should only wait so long for cocktails.)

    1. BPS - The food here really is amazing. Hence the reason I am going on a juice fast this week. lol.
      The live cooking was also participatory but once I saw those ochroes in the bowl for the jambalaya, I lost ALL interest. lol.
      Slow drinks - FAST fail!

  3. lol, I guess with our (dutch) wine I was nice!! More lol-ing re the ochro..the jambalaya was nice I don't mind me some ochro...


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