Random Foodie Fitness Friday and Fuzzy Footwear

It's Friday. Thank God. I have been a REALLY good girl the past two weeks. I have not had cake, chips, ice cream or any such nonsense for 2 weeks. I have not had alcohol in two weeks. I have had coffee but I think bad coffee should not qualify as coffee. I have been religiously juicing and drinking all sorts of vegetable and fruit concoctions every single day, and just releasing all the bad mojo from my life.

I have also had a pack of Chee Zees, but that was a desperate situation where I was stuck in traffic for too long, without a traffic snack, and just needed something. Anything. I have not had Haagie for TWO WEEKS!!! I have had a Haagen Dazs mini suffering in the freezer for two weeks  - begging to be savoured. No such luck.

I will be destroying that mini during the course of the weekend. Believe it.

So it has not been too bad. I have been working out regularly, and as tiring and annoying as working out can be (I really hate the process), I never regret it when it is finally over. My post-workout pre-breakfast goodie bag looks very similar to this one, with the only difference being that there are a pack of almonds and some dried cranberries in the jar instead of Wheat Thins. I think I am now over almonds, by the way. Sweet Lord. I may never eat another almond.

The healthy goodie bag.

My post-workout breakfast looked like this, with the elephant, which is not edible, by the way, and with extra almonds (see what I mean about the f...g almonds?), extra protein powder, a couple strawberries, lots of nutmeg, and of course lots of blueberries and almond milk.

Ella and my blueberry protein smoothie

And I wanted to share this photo, which has absolutely nothing to do with anything simply because it made me laugh.

Why? Well, this was regular footwear when I lived in London - indoor footwear - which to me seems quite practical. However, I was told by Boy that this is not sexy. He hated it actually. Hated my entire commitment to staying warm, over looking sexy. I get it cause I was always in layers and sweats and ALWAYS in fuzzy socks and my fuzzy slippers. My answer to him was "Turn the Damn Heat Up!" I think it's cute and the photo reminded me of his cheeky vehemence to my socks and fuzzy slippers and made me smile on this, the last day of a long and exhausting week. I am going to email it to him now and piss him off and remind him how awesome I am.

Happy Friday, everybody.


  1. Wow! Good on ya for sticking to it for 2 weeks! I can see why that Haagen Dazs is calling your name. Well enjoy it because you've worked hard! Stopping by from The SITS Girls!

  2. You have such will power and you're rockin' those fuzzies. Way to stay focused!


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