R.I.P. Whitney Houston - A Loss Beyond Words

The fascinating and talented Whitney Houston
As a young girl, I used to stand in front of my mirror and sing into a hairbrush, mimicking the stars on America's Top 10. But there was noone like the incomparable Whitney Houston. In a time when Madonna was getting young girls moving, here was this young black woman, who was not making a statement with raunchy videos or lyrics but simply, with an amazing amazing voice. Beautiful and talented, her music became the soundtrack to so many moments, and her death is indeed a tragic loss. Her very being inspired me. I am sure you would agree with me, that every time you sang into that hairbrush, you dared to test your vocal abilities and reach a Whitney note. And failed. But it was the dream and she spun that dream every time she sang. Her music and that voice were golden.

What makes it even sadder is that, at 48, she had gone down a road that many of us may never go down. She has been trying to come back from years of chronic drug abuse - which stole her career and sadly, stole the essence and strength of her famous voice. Listening to Whitney in recent times, it was obvious that she was not the same, but it is testament to her incredible talent that even after she had been ravaged by her demons, her voice was still better than the best of us. And with all the Britneys, Justins - the lip syncers, the fakers - her talent outshines them all. She came before other talents like Adele and Christina Aguilera, even Mariah. It was true talent, not needing much of the fabrication and machinery to make her a star. She was a natural star. It is such a shock and so sad and such a loss.

God bring her peace at last and bless her family, especially her 18 year old daughter. Let us remember the woman she was - the incomparable and record breaking Whitney Houston - a treasure we have lost in life, but hold in memories via her beautiful voice and music.

Rest in peace.


  1. It is indeed a sad news, I am also schocked!

  2. It is such a tragedy. She will live on in her music.

  3. I think many young girl who grew up in the 80s, like myself, has stood in front of the mirror singing Whitney Houston songs. She was legendary! Her passing is great loss for the music and music industries. I can only wish Cissy and Bobbi blessings and peace at a time like this. She will truly be missed!

  4. I was sad and shocked to hear about Whitney's passing. Some of the first songs I ever learned were hers.

  5. I still can't quite believe this either. Like you, I often sang into the microphone and would copy her dance moves in front of a mirror. Okay, maybe you didn't do that last part. But yea, it's a tragic loss for sure.


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