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Hookin' Buddies
Not having a car, or at least not driving here in Trinidad can be an amusing experience. So on Saturday, my girlfriend and I were on our way to a fete (Trini party), but neither of us wanted to drive. Oh the plight of the single woman, who has to drive herself everywhere. None of that! I wanted to drink and not worry about drunk driving. I did not want to have to worry about falling asleep behind the wheel at 3am. I did not want to park my brand new car in some dark street and have it stolen or worse have it towed by the evil wreckermen (and as we got to the venue we saw the wrecker swiftly roll away with a very nice Corolla). Plus, there was also a shuttle service available. So that was the plan. Park the chariots and take the shuttle. 

But the shuttle, of course, was not going to pick us up in front of the house. We still needed to get from Point A to Point B in order to get said shuttle. Luckily, we managed a lift to Point B, but a bit about Point B. 

- Not really a commuters' hub
- Not really the place you would get a taxi or maxi, so why would you be standing there?
- On a corner (lol)...a dimly lit corner
- Near a lot of bars but not close enough to look like we were patrons, so again, why would we be standing there?
- It was night time

As I stood there, waiting for this shuttle, with hair done, makeup done, outfit done, next to an equally done up friend, I thought to myself, I hope people don't get the wrong idea here

Six or seven signals via flashing headlights and car horns, I turned to my girlfriend and made public what I was thinking privately.

You think people think we hookin'?

LOL. She at first laughed in a way that suggested that she thought I was being ridiculous. I was serious though. I mean, sure we looked good, and were being admired but my mind works overtime...all the time! I could not fathom that people may get the wrong idea about two professional women innocently standing on a street corner. Maybe, professionals is not the right word. lol. Then...

The van passed us and then reversed, stopping in front of us.

Good night
(Good night)
How you doing?
(me to self: OMG...customer!) We good
Umm...girls, I dunno you, you dunno me, but is all good.
(me to self: where the damn shuttle?)

I was laughing inside though. She conceded, and agreed that the shuttle needed to hurry up. I don't think I will be shuttling to any more fetes, or at the very least, I will be choosing my shuttle pick up point much better.


  1. Oh.Sweet.Lord.

    That was shocking but not surprising in the least.

  2. LOL.

    "OMG! Customer!"

    Funny but also frightening!

  3. ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Gosh you brightened up my Friday :-)

  4. LMAO!! Too funny! And you KNEW it was going to happen too. :) Here in Holland, you'd need a red light around you before they'd jump to that conflusion.

  5. LMAO!!! Omg, girl. You crack me up :) I would have thought the same thing given the sitation (as in, if I were you standing on a dark street corner at night all done up).

  6. Only now seeing this!!! Did I ever tell you about the time the police in broad daylight stopped and asked me for my documents as I was standing in front of my own house waiting for the kids school bus.

    O. Hello there, you looking nice, what are you doing here?
    K. I am waiting for my kids, the school bus should be here any minute
    O. This is you house?
    K. Yes it is
    O. Nice house madam, can I see your id please
    K. Well it is in the house can it wait until the school bus comes the girls are expecting me at the gate
    O. No madam I think you should go get it now.

    So I rang stefano in the house from the gate to get my ID

    And I have many more 'you are a hooker because you are black and walking on the street' stories, always in broad daylight

  7. Too funny! Thanks for sharing. It kinda reminds me of the go out, have too much to drink, stay with a friend instead, didn't bring a change of clothes and the next day you're forced to join them as they run their errands with you in club attire.


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