My Diva Idol

Miss Piggy for M.A.C.
My idol! Who would believe that a puppet pig would be my idol? lol.

Piggy is the frickin' greatest. She is the muppet version of me. A little chubby. A bit aggressive. Says what's on her mind. Very glam and stuff. Very beautiful. Very loveable. Not the same taste in men, as I don't do green nor do I do frogs.

And now, to learn that Piggy has her own line with my fave cosmetic line - M.A.C. How can I not love this creature?

I also love this segment where she talks about being plus-sized. I love that she, being primarily geared to young girls (don't judge me), embraces who she is - a full figured female (albeit, pork). You really underestimate how these made up characters can impact young lives. I mean, I am grown and think Piggy is pretty awesome, so imagine what she does to lift the self-esteem of young girls? Piggy rocks!


  1. Miss Piggy is fierce and even her pursuit of Kermit, albeit bordering psychotic, has proven that when she wants something, nothing will stand in her way. She rocks.

  2. Miss Piggy is most certainly a diva! She dresses nice, always has on great makeup, and she's sassy...just like I a true DIVA! I too love how she embraces her plus size, which by extension may help build the self esteem of her primary audience (the youngins!)!

  3. I hadn't ever thought about Miss Piggy that way, but I like it.

  4. I agree with everything Marsha said about Miss Piggy -- LOL! She is so right! I always watched in awe at Miss Piggy's dogged determination to get her man -- er, frog. That poor frog.

  5. LOVE this! Piggy was always one of my favorites, too.


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