Secret Santa and Secret Loathing

I have now managed to survive not only a slew of parties but also the team Secret Santa nightmare...I mean...exercise. Not being a Christmas elf myself and bordering more on the Grinch side of life, this was not a fun task for me. At all. Especially since I just met everyone and have no idea what they like and don't like. But luckily I got the one person I do know better than most, and who happens to be my boss, and managed to get him a present that was a-okay - an Italian silk scarf and an autobiography by a guy he lists as a hero. So job well done, me!

This week will be harrowing I am sure. Have you started Christmas shopping? I have not and I won't. It is a pet peeve, this Christmas shopping nonsense. Traffic is a nightmare. My parents always get an IOU when it comes to Christmas but I will risk death to get something for my nephew.

I am also hotel hunting. I have started my graduation trip planning. Back to London I go. I never did the whole cap and gown thing the first time around. So this time, it means a lot - I suffered through winter for that degree, dammit. You better believe I am walking across that stage to get my reward!


  1. Christmas shopping, done! I only had to buy two gifts. Heh heh heh!

  2. I usually love all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I hate the malls usually, but I love them at Christmas time. Because I am a freak.

    I'm glad you're going back to participate in graduation. You definitely earned it!

  3. While I did manage to get my Christmas shopping done in one day, I was not happy about the shopping process. Too crowded! I blame myself...I waited too long to get started. Kudos on the gift for your boss! It seemed like it went over just fine!


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