Thursday Tunes

The awesome and sexy John Legend - my life!
I am sitting here listening to weekend music because in my awesome world, the weekend begins on Thursday. No. Really.

So some of my tunes tonight (posting for the benefit of one fan in particular)

John Legend

Muse - Matt Bellamy may not be the cutest but he is the greatest
Muse (Oh, Matt Bellamy...)

Fiona Apple 
U2 - old but not cold



Yeah. It is a very mixed bag isn't it? But that's me - a bag of fun. So what are you listening to?


  1. Love the mix nevertheless :) Merry Christmas my dear!

  2. That's a great mix of tunes. For some reason, I always think I don't like John Legend until I hear another of his songs and then I remember that I do. Weird.

  3. Love Muse....

    Listening to Adele, Ray LaMontagne, John Mayer and Straight No Chaser (It is Christmas after all...)

    Happy Weekend!


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