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So when I see this Christian Mingle ad, I always have a laugh. The people who came up with this marketing campaign are pretty bold, pretty out there. To confidently promote this online dating service for Christians, with the tagline – Find God’s match for you – well, that takes some balls.

It always conjures up this image of God relaxing on the patio, in his robe and warm slippers, with a cappuccino, maybe a croissant or a Danish, maybe a cigar (hey, they started it), with his iPad or Galaxy Tab, going through his list of Christians looking for love and matching Joe with Jill, Brad with Melanie – all before he gets to the real work of blessing people, curing the sick, etc.

I mean – seriously, people. Find God’s match for you? Who came up with this? Who approved this marketing campaign?

I am curious as to the algorithm that matches the ones seeking love on this site. I mean, did an Archbishop somewhere get a memo from God which he then shared with IT developers? What if the love-seeker is not a Christian? Does the person get zapped while trying to sign up?

God's message in your inbox?
I have absolutely no problem with a niche-specific dating site – black singles, gay singles, Caribbean singles, etc. You want what you want, and if you can trim the fat and get to the meat of the matter, right down to brass tax, right down to your target niche, whether it is a black guy, Caribbean girl or Christian single, then great. However, I just found the advertising for this to be a bit ludicrous. Find God’s match for you. I wonder if they got God’s okay to use his name in these ads! It’s almost as stupid as God’s and Jesus’ Facebook and Twitter profiles. Who does these things?

But more importantly, and for all the non-Christian minglers out there - does this mean that Match and e-Harmony are the other guy’s sites? I mean, as if dating was not traumatic enough!


  1. I tried Christian Mingle a long while ago...God's match was certainly not there :) It's no different than any of the other dating sites out there. I actually gained many funny stories from using online dating sites. That's really all I gained...

  2. I'm not laughing because of people using the site, those looking for love, but I'm laughing because I thought, how do they know you are a Christian? Do you have to prove it with sermon and verse? What if you don't know Psalm 23, are you busted (or to use your words "zapped") at sign up?

  3. I agree with you, their marketing is over the top. Niche dating sites are not a bad idea. But that does sound pretty bold that their computer people have the knowledge of God's will for the rest of us.

  4. LOL!!! I mean, yea... that is some ballsy marketing right there. I have not yet seen this ad but will be on the lookout for it in the future.

    Kinda reminds me of the time my roommate in college tried out JDate (Jewish online dating site) and got hit on by all the Italian Catholic guys online.

  5. I just like that you used God and balls in the same sentence.

  6. As the best friend of a single woman longing for that "match," I can relate and have heard some variation of these sentiments from her before, too. You're not alone! Visiting today from SITS Girls :)


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