To all the Fat Haters...

Elle Rondes, owning her body and
not giving a sh.... Brilliant!
So, I have never hidden the fact that I am not a pencil in terms of body shape and size. I am more like a cute hourglass, with some extra padding. Needless to say, the hourglass has expanded in recent months, but I am not crying over it. Some may say, fat. I say “awesomely padded”. Lol.

Of course, I am not being indifferent either. I have cut way back on the snacks to start. Gone are the daily Magnum bars in primetime. Lol. (Magnum ice cream bars are awesome, aren’t they?) And I eat more vegetables now, though eating more fruit is still an issue, if you refuse to consider wine and strawberry daiquiris as part of the fruit family. And, therein lies my major weakness – happy hour weight gain. I can eat salad all week long. It just takes ONE happy hour outing to derail all my best efforts.

Of course I am also in the gym and while not a lover of working out (understatement of the millennium), I do it because the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. I have more energy during the day, I burn off some of those fruity stepchildren from the weekend, and my pants don’t need loosening.

This is where I would like to expand on a previously highlighted point, in a previous entry. Getting comments from anyone about my weight is annoying, but getting comments from FAT people about my weight is just infuriating – especially fat people who do not know what a salad looks like, or whose idea of working out is walking to the fridge. I make no apologies for this cause I am tired of fat, lazy people having an opinion. When you get yourself together, then talk to me. When you can rock a salad over a Big Mac, then you may comment on my slice of cake on a Saturday night. When you can run a lap around the Queen’s Park Savannah at 4 in the morning with me, then you can look at my waistline. And when your comments are uplifting and CONSTRUCTIVE, then we can talk about my fat ass all day. But until then, keep your comments to yourself.

I am happy, my people are happy, so why are you making my dress size your problem? Don’t you have enough problems in your own life? If you translate being awesome as having nothing positive to say about others, no matter what their size, colour or pay cheque, then you need more than cake to medicate yourself. The time taken to look at others could be better invested in being the best you can be – whether you are 300lbs or 100.

Don’t worry about me though, cause I am already there. Fat or not, I am truly super, baby! Believe it!

My weekend was awesome by the way and included a good dose of wine, champagne, white chocolate bread pudding (can we say, SINFUL??), great, great friends, lots of laughter and fun and good memories to last me the week. Oh…you said something? I did not think so.

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Point taken and I am fully in agreement with you too. Some people make it their job to be Debbie Downers on others but you are like a ball of sunshine which means they are failing. And yuh not fat eh. “Awesomely padded”. I like that.

  2. Whooosaaaahhhh!!!!

    You know it's envy when the fat woman is calling the awesomely padded fat. Girl, your glow must've been blinding her. She just couldn't see! LOL!

  3. That HAS to be it. I am just too bright for the haters!!!

  4. Love this post!! Some people (women, especially) have all the gall to comment on another woman's weight. Don't worry about me, worry about your own self. Girl, I agree with you. I may be "small" as I've noted in my own post about getting old and added extra lusciousness, but "small" does not necessarily mean "healthy" -- and that's where we all need to be -- and doing things in moderation. So, I'm in your corner. You go out there and do you -- eat, have fun, exercise when you can and how you can. You are super baby!

  5. I'm glad you are taking steps to be healither. I am too and it is tough. The last thing we need is people fat or skinny making comments that are not positive or helpful. Just stay focused on your own healthy journey.

  6. Please PLEASE tell me these "people" are hypothetical and there aren't really a-holes making unsolicited comments about others bodies. Overweight or not, it's always frustrating.
    I'm so glad to read you've got the perfect attitude for dealing with it. Keep up the good work, the good balance of healthy and sinful and the great sense of humor.

  7. GOOD FOR YOU. I know you can't quite see me but I'm totally standing and applauding this post. Really, the haters are just out of control lately. So glad you won't allow the comment of one bad apple ruin your day or bring you down. You are so much awesome, and it would be a terrible shame if you would allow something like this to get to you. It's just not worth it, Trini!

  8. I really don't understand why anyone's got to hate on anyone else. We all have our issues and our struggles. If we could just treat each other like awesome people, maybe we would start to see ourselves that way.


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