Ladies - Are you suffering from the "It All Belongs to Me" Dilemma?

So I am under self-imposed exile this weekend - from the universe. It's been a harrowing week and I am also a bit social-life weary so made the conscious decision to just stay at home ALL weekend and not do anything. I have been excelling at this.

So it has been just me, my book, my laptop and my DVD player, the occasional muffin, a tempting Magnum ice cream bar in the freezer, and my pillow,  and it's been awesome.

And I have been listening to some tunes, like this one.

Now, I love this song. These ladies are so talented and so gorgeous and I love when they collaborate. Monica is a star, believe it. Love her voice, her sass.

However, the song has me a bit perplexed. lol.

In the first place, the song is in a nutshell asking the guy - the now ex - to leave all the stuff bought for him during the relationship. The car, the bling, the macbook. I mean...why buy him this in the first place? And there is no mention of what he has bought for the chick. None. Zero. Nil. Not even a pair of underwear!

Which brings me to my next point -

All you do is talk
Never knew you to do nothing else
You ain't good for nothing baby

So WHY are you with this no-profit, no-contribution (emotional, financial or otherwise) man? And on top of that, you STILL buying him the car and the Macbook!! You an ass!

Am I losing it here? Is it just me or is this woman a damn idiot too? I mean, if I were the man I would say, "Baby, I worked for this Macbook. I chain up your head so bad that you still loved me and bought me stuff even though I was a good for nothing!"

Ladies, ladies - don't do this! Just don't do it. This is why being single can sometimes be edifying and liberating and just plain better! lol.

No sympathy from me, ladies. But the song is still beautifully done.


  1. Ahahaha, love it! I've never had enough money in my pocket to be buying some man a laptop or whatever, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't even occur to me to be a sugarmama!

  2. I agree with you! I don't get it either; it's complete idiocy. I cannot carry the weight of and support another grown, healthy, and perfectly capable-to-support-themselves human being that is above the age of being a minor and below the age of being a senior citizen. I will never do that. Don't dare bring that foolishness my way. I am not that woman.

  3. Yea, I am happy to report that I never had the $ to afford to buy all this stuff for a man... but even if I did, I'd rather put that money for experiences together (vacations, movies, theater, nice dinners, etc). But that's just me.

    I've never heard this song before, but I'm listening to it now and it's catchy. But seriously. Who would buy all that stuff for a dude? "THAT SH** BELONGS TO ME." LOL

  4. brother probably had her limping to work with a smile on a Monday morning, that is why she bought the stuff


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