Lunching Italian Style at Wild Olive

My Fettucini al pesto con pollo at Wild Olive Italian Bistro
It has been a while. So sorry. I always have the best intentions - a real mind and heart are willing but body is not type thing.

Anyway, one thing I do every day besides work, is eat. Food is just one of those things that you cannot escape unless you're a rock. A new Italian bistro called Wild Olive recently opened  in Chaguanas. I love Italian food, and it was closer to home than going to Port of Spain, so I decided to check it out for lunch on my day off today.

The welcome was warm (really sweet young man, who really should be put to work inside cause he is just too cute and adorable) and I chose to dine inside, but there is a nice patio area for dining if you wish. Inside was small but comfy, and I settled in with a menu cause I was starving.

All in all, it was not bad, though there were a few issues.

- Not sure if there was an embargo on the bread but 2 small slices of bread (not even as big as my clenched fist) in a basket clearly meant for at least 8 slices - just not happening. If it's one thing you normally get a lot of, it's the bread! So as hungry as I was, this bread left me even hungrier as all it did was open my appetite.

- The waitress had come to me seconds after I was seated which was good, but of course I had not even picked up the menu yet so I asked for a couple of minutes. This turned into about 10-15 minutes, after which I had to actually signal the waitress just standing idly by in the corner. I mean, c'mon... I must though refer to cute and adorable guy (the one who welcomed me), who probably noticed my annoyance from outside and came in to check on me. The dude's talents are being wasted standing at the little welcome area!!

- The eternal wait for the drink. I was prepared to wait for the food but how long does a sangria take to make? Judging by the fact that the drink and the food came together, I am guessing they planned it that way. Bring the drink. Don't make me wait.

- I ordered the fettucini al pesto con pollo, which was tasty but very salty. Very salty.

- Not a very big deal but there was no offer of cheese for my pasta.'s a big deal. No parmesan? Nah man. lol.

The Trinirinha or as I call it, the Ice-a-rinha.
I had not even sipped this yet eh.
- I have not had a caipirinha since I got back from London, so the trinirinha on the menu had to be tried. It could use a bit more love (and liquid), less ice. If I wanted to pay $45 for ice, I would have asked for ice.

Great start, and I am sure they will get better. I hope they will. The menu has some great options, though maybe some pizzas would add a bit more variety for those who may not necessarily want pasta. The paninis are also a great start. I would visit again, but maybe after they have gone through the teething process.


  1. I really though your drink was...empty...and no cheese!? At an Italian restaurant?! Oh, no! Regardless, your post has got me huuuungry! :)

  2. The one thing that bothers me -- well, okay, the three things that bother me when dining out: Waiting, Food Fails and Mediocre Drinks. (There are other things, but these bug me the most.) At least you tried the place. Hopefully, they will get better. My rule is, I try once. I'll even try a second time, but if they fail after #2, there won't be a third opportunity. I'm done. P.S. They should have at least 5 or 6 pizzas/pizzettes on the menu. They need to work on that, after all, pizza is synonymous with Italian food.


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