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Dusted off the sneakers and the fitness ball this morning
The one year anniversary of this blog comes up on Saturday and my very first entry was about my long awaited return to fitness and ultimately to the gym, in the face of fat fever. It seems almost poetic that this morning, I again made a daring return to fitness, after 7 months of no gym, no jogging, nothing except chasing trains and buses, running up train station ramps and running from Nigerian men. lol. I had planned to wake up this morning and hit the slopes, but always easier said than done. When I opened my eyes at 4.53am and saw it was still dark, I convinced myself that there was some murderer waiting on the hill to kill me, so it would be better to stay in bed where it was safe. Then I smelled saltfish, as Daddy started on breakfast way too early, and I thought, wouldn't you feel better having that fried bake and saltfish AFTER a workout? Still nothing.

Five minutes later, by sheer will, and after thinking that even if I lost half a pound, it would be half a pound less to hide under a sarong when I hit the white sands of Pigeon Point beach this weekend, I was dressed and looking for the Workout folder on my MP3 player - a folder that clearly needs some updating. I thought I would pass out after 7 months of limited activity, especially on the steep inclines which make up my neighbourhood, but I surprised myself. I guess chasing London red double decker buses can now be classified as exercise and I am vindicated! The power walk/jog, coupled with some stability ball and free weights love made for a great wakeup call. I had a great workout but there is no better workout than the one that I will be engaging in later - in the mall, with a credit card. HEY!

In honour of my ass, and my determination to keep it bootyful, and in honour of style, here is Ms B's ode to fitness as part of Mrs O's fight against childhood obesity. Adding it to my Workout folder. If I could get a DVD with the choreography, life would be golden!


  1. My workout folder needs a boost on the hot pink iPod as well. Good on you for "getting some" this morning! It's the best way to start the day, in my opinion - way easier to put on gym clothes and sneakers than anything else. By the time you 'have' to think about going anywhere else, you're already awake and inspired by the fact you've already knocked out the workout! Brava!

  2. Thank you Valerie! I am going to get that Beyonce routine down as well. Watch this space. lol

  3. Just enjoy life :) that's my motto and the kilos can dissapearm, as if now?! :))))

  4. Congratulations on getting back into the workout groove!

    I went back to the gym today for the first time in a month. I haven't been able to work out since I broke my arm. It was SO great to be back!

  5. Hubby has got me on bootcamp which involves marching over fields three times a day covering about six to eight miles a day. I hated it the first week but I'm gradually getting reenergized. Well done for getting back into it.
    Love the video :)

  6. Just wanted to tell you that on my blog, a well deserved award is waiting for you :)


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