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Sunny flip flops for the beaches of Tobago
Though I feel lazy to blog, it is one of the most relaxing times of my day. Another relaxing time is sitting on a beach, letting the sun bathe you in its heat. That was part of my weekend, in sweet Tobago. I had not been to Tobago since my friend had gotten married about 2 years ago. Shameful I know. But when you have been stuck in the cold for months and sunshine is a luxury, Tobago is no longer a weekend luxury but a necessity. So off I went, flip flops in hand...or in this case, on feet, and 20mins later, my plane was sitting on the hot runway of Crown Point International and an hour later, I was walking to Pigeon Point beach where I spent the rest of the afternoon, eating cheese paste sandwiches, lolling around in the clear warm water and gaping at the various shapes and sizes of the white people, while shaking my head at the fake accents of the black Tobago men trying to impress the white people. It's amusing as well being back in the land of the funny catcalls, which never fail to make me laugh.

It's been a good visit home so far - between the running up and down in Trinidad and the bummin' in Tobago with friends, it has been lovely. The weather has also held up pretty well. That may be an understatement. The weather is great but it comes with an intense heat that not even people born and bred in the tropics can tolerate. One exception was the day we drove up to Mount St Benedict, when it rained and cooled the place down just a bit, but it made for some interesting views like this one.

View from Mount Sr Benedict: The dark blues of the rain clouds coupled with the mist - dark and gorgeous

And zen is watching the sun going down on the beach in Tobago, after a great day.

The view from my beach chair in Pigeon Point, Tobago


  1. I love what you say about Tobago! You can HEAR skin crackling from the sun at Pigeon Point, and watching the "romances" flourishing between the beach boys and their ladies is, well, something to see.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  2. looks like a great vacation. Came over from the SITS comment hour.

  3. That picture of the beach looks like heaven!

  4. So beautiful! Love that sky... following via #CommentHour :)

  5. Gorgeous! I'd love to go to Trinidad and Tobago in the not-so-far future!

  6. I would love to be sitting in a beach chair with that view right about now.

  7. Ahhhh...that's the life ^_^ I can practically feel the relaxation right alongside with you and I'm sitting here in Texas!


  8. The accents are fake??

    Sounds like a great day! And I love the photos.


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