Happy Places - Those Moments that Make Everything Better

The wonderful Ray tagged me a while ago to share my Happy Places. I am also stealing her idea of adding a cute word cloud.

Happy Places - those places that are all yours - those moments that evoke warm feelings, feelings of safety, contentment.

As crazy as it sounds, and as much as I hate it - my morning workout. Every morning when that alarm goes off, I move about the house with a sense of dread. I unwillingly put on my gym clothes and lug all my baggage into the car. But once I am in the middle of the workout, my mind is clear, my music is driving me, I am emotionally cleansed - ready to start the day.

Speaking of which - music. Music takes me away from the reality of life. It is my constant companion - in traffic, at the gym, at my desk, while cooking. No matter how tedious an activity may be, or how annoying the world is around me, once my music is on, I take life to that other place - that happy place - where noone else can get in, where it is a population of one.

Coffee time. I mean, like duh. While weekday coffee time is usually punctuated by emails from someone wanting something now now now, or by meetings, real coffee time - where I can sit and leisurely sit with my cup, and maybe a biscotti, cookie or cheese puff - is happy time. It does not matter whether it is in a coffee shop setting where I am surrounded by life - by love, creativity, gossip, solitude - or on the balcony with just my tablet or my Kindle. Coffee time - where the warmth and goodness of ground beans, mixed with hot water, hot milk and honey just makes everything better.

Today's coffee time - Coffee and Toffee Crunch Biscotti - coffee time. Bliss.

My iced green tea is my new happy place as well, particularly in recent days with the intense heat.

Coming home from work and taking off the trappings of a long day. There is nothing quite like getting home after 12 hours at the office, 2 hours in traffic and just taking off all the junk that comes with that, taking a shower and slipping into my favourite plain black maxi dress. Bliss. It is truly amazing how heavy a necklace feels at the end of a work day, how tight and unbearable shoes feel, compared to just wearing a slip dress and stepping through the house with bare feet. It's indescribable really, how that feels.

Cooking also revives my spirit. Something about creating something out of nothing does that. My kitchen is like church! I worship regularly.

Aunty time. Seeing the different moods and reactions of a 4 year old and a 1 year old - extraordinary. From the 4 year old whose little eyes become wide as saucers when you say certain words like trucks, ice cream or pizza, to the 1 year old who is mastering her walking and running skills every day and is discovering new experiences daily.

These are just a few of my happy places. As I said before, maybe my life is not as exciting as others', but it is mine and I am content.


  1. Oh this has me smiling all over the place.... I so get that time at the gym, brutal as it is it is YOURS! Love it, as for the COFFEE, HELLOOOOoooooooo YES! Yes! Yes! I love cooking too, after taking cooking lessons and figuring out that cooking from scratch is easier that from a box, and healthier I am loving it. Oh and guess what I am figuring out how to use the crock pot and loving that this winter.... making Chipotle bowls tonight, the kids love them, I make a lime pulled chicken and all the fixings they put in a bowl....

    1. I just found a crockpot recipe for lasagne that I am eager to try. Love my crockpot!

    2. Oh when you try it and if it is good, you have to share with me. I am into cooking chicken breast in chicken broth and then shredding it and making some delish dinners!!!!!

  2. Awww, I love all of your happy places, Trini :) I think they all sound magnificent in their own ways. I think all of my HPs involve coffee and glasses of wine... and laughter. Love this :)

  3. You had me at coffee! My coffee time has became a ritual. A must to ensure my sanity remains, almost like a coffee addict! It is my happy place. For me to recharge. Stopping from Sharefest (A cuppa for my thoughts)


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