The Growing 'Thing' that's Halloween in Trinidad (and Tobago?)

My Halloween costume after the fact
When I was a child, Halloween was not something we celebrated here in Trinidad and Tobago. It was not a "thing". The closest we got to Halloween was the celebrations we saw on television and movies in the US. Noone dressed up - in fact you had no access to costumes for dressing up. There really was no interest in this thing called Halloween.

Fast forward to 2013, and the influence of media, particularly social media, and Halloween seems to be a "thing" here now. There are stores which cater to those who want to participate in the Halloween dress up, there are Halloween parties, there is trick or treating. Trick or treating!!!

Now in the West of Trinidad, where there are many expats, I know this is a big thing, but I thought it amusing that there is this "nonsense" in the Southland as well.

My friend was sitting watching tv on Thursday night, waiting for "Scandal", when she heard this noise outside her house. Thinking it was someone up to no good, she picked up her emergency club and headed to the front door. I mean, she lives alone, and in these crazy times with all sorts of criminals about the place, she was not taking any chances. As she peered out, she heard children's voices. She opens the door, and there they were - little goblins, pirates and the like, asking for sweets. What she did next made me laugh out loud as I imagined the cuteness looking back at her.

She sucked her teeth and closed the door. lol. Well, 1) she had no sweets so what was she gonna do? Give them rice? and 2) seriously? trick or treating in Trinidad? Her words were "I was scared out of my wits and is f...g trick or treating? I was just damn vex."

LOL. One of my colleagues pre-empted doors closing in his kid's face by buying the sweets and recruiting friends and family in the neighbourhood to hand them out when they knocked on doors. I mean, it really is not a "thing" everywhere as much as some may want it to be a "thing".

I myself was part of a Halloween themed event on Thursday, where I really had no choice in the matter. Still, it was fun - and hey, after the week I had, it was nice to be able to dress up and let loose. Still, Halloween in Trinidad, while growing in popularity, still has not grown on me and clearly not on my friend.


  1. I can't imagine going trick-or-treating if it wasn't a thing. That's just weird. I wonder how it worked out for those kids.

  2. HAHAHAHA, that's hysterical and I'm sure I would have been just as terrified if I were your friend and not accustomed to the Halloween thing. Growing up in the states, I have to say that I absolutely adore this holiday. Now that I'm older and trick-or-treating is no longer socially acceptable, I get a kick out of seeing the little ones excited about trying on their little costumes and going door-to-door. I enjoyed it even more this year since I am now living in the suburbs where people actually ring the bells (city living means kids go to shopping malls for candy, weird right??)


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