Christmas Rage

Bad Santa - No wonder this guy was in a bad mood
There is road rage and then there is Christmas rage, and this is a phenomenon which I have been paying close attention to in recent years, because it  baffles me that we sing carols about peace and love, and then want to body slam another human being for a parking spot or the last action figure in the toy store.

I have seen it all in the past couple weekends, but this weekend was especially ridiculous, as grown men honked their horns at grannies, rushing them to get the hell out of the precious parking space in the mall carpark. Mothers cutting into line ahead of others, in a bid to pay for their item so they can rush around to another store like headless chickens. People just seem angrier and not happier and cheerier.

I will admit, I had my brief moment as well. I don't like those people who come into an already volatile environment aka the mall on the weekend before Christmas, with no purpose other than to just stand around. Hello? While I think it is cute that you want to bring your kids to take photos in front of the Christmas tree during the holidays, this was certainly not the weekend for it. I mean, not even Santa was in the mall on Saturday cause clearly the old guy is not suicidal. Standing aimlessly in store entrances and in the middle of the foot traffic, just taking photos, when people want to get through and get out, is's annoying. Cute kids cannot save you here.

That being said though, I am glad the nonsense, i.e. the mindless mall trawling, toy shop stalking, picture posing, mall mobbing nonsense is almost over and hopefully everyone's Christmas Day will be what it should be - a day of love and family and togetherness.

Merry Christmas from the snarkiest of them all - moi.


  1. I agree with you. There's very little merry and way too much scary this time of year.

    I hope you manage to have a Merry Christmas nonetheless.

  2. Word. Absolutely detest this time of year - everyone is more greedy, hoarding, and rude. Staying home, warm, and out of the mauling crowds is my favorite way to celebrate. Hugs from CO!

  3. Ugh, yes. We tend to enjoy our holiday festivities at home - not in the crazy crowds - for this very reason!


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