Sunday Shorts

Solange Knowles
So I did it. I cut my hair. Not a snip. A major cut. Like...all of it. So now I have a style a bit like Solange Knowles' - maybe a tad bit longer on the top, but you get the general idea. Seeing my hair falling to the ground was a bit traumatic but I did not go bananas. I am happy it is gone - all the damaged bits - and now can focus on bringing it back to the way it was, and should be. Yaay me. The reaction has been generally positive except for a couple male comments. The black man's obsession with long hair lives on. Weaves and wigs are much more acceptable than a woman rocking a short cut. It still amuses me, and more so cause other men appreciate the natural look of a black woman, yet it is still sometimes hard to get that same appreciation from black men. Amazing. I think I am cute nonetheless, so not going to argue about it.

So today is the last day of my 3-day weekend. It was not a good weekend. I was sick for most of the time (food poisoning is no joke, friends) and in bed, but at least I got some rest and will continue to do so today. I was totally exhausted all week, having flown over 9 hours from London to Port of Spain last Sunday, and getting up at my regularly scheduled time of 3.30am to go to work on Monday. Talk about being a masochist. I felt like rubbish all week. I also was too tired to cook meals so ate out, or ate crap. I will be cooking today. And baking. The plan is to do a nice Thai curry today for tomorrow's lunch. I also got some lean mince and black beans for a nice chilli, and I have some chicken breast, pesto and mushrooms for a nice fettucine special. Plus, I bought some bran to try my hand at another home made bread. And I have a bottle of wine to go with all this delightful culinary magic.

Short hair, cooking and wine. Superwoman, I am. It's a beautiful Sunday morning. Enjoying it.


  1. Cutting all your hair off is liberating though isn't it! I've done it about 3 times. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I agree with Rose's Daughter! I am so unattached to my hair and the few times I did get an unflattering cut...I just went shorter. It's'll grow back. Black men and their attachment to our hair is ridiculous. Rock your short and sassy 'do!!! I love that Solange Knowles cut.


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