Are graduates most likely to be victims of crime? Not this one.

Again, many apologies for being such a horrible blogger lately. Busy times in trininista world. As I mentioned briefly yesterday, I spent the last week in England – back to winter! I left Trinidad in 31 degree heat and 10 hrs later, got off the plane and stepped out of Gatwick airport to a gust of icy breeze at the mercury boiling maximum of 5 degrees. Lovely. The trip was short but fun. I finally got to put on my cap and gown and walk across a stage with no bitterness in my heart. When I finished my undergrad degree, I was unemployed for months and months and so boycotted my graduation cause in my eyes it was a complete farce. With age, brings reason and wanderlust so off to London I went for my 5 seconds in the spotlight!! Apologies to everyone I did not see and that was 95% of people, and kisses to the ones I did.
One less savoury moment was during my second day in London, when I was still at my hotel. I had a really busy day, running back and forth to get stuff shipped home and packed and so on. Tired, and with two extra bags, I walked into the hotel lobby around 1.30pm, and headed to my room to plop my cold, weary ass on the warm bed. As I was walking in, a young guy was walking out. I only noticed him cause he was leering at me and then when next I turned my head, he was not out on the street as I had expected him to be, but following me onto the elevator. Now, for a brief second, I thought, well, there are two scenarios here -1. He must really think I am da bizniz, or more likely, 2. He saw me as his next victim. Victim of what I am not sure. In hindsight, I should have stopped the elevator or sounded the alarm but it was happening so quickly. I had already pressed the number to my floor and noticed that he had not pressed anything. Coincidence? I think not.
Mugging victim, I am not.
Now the hotel is one of those where you need an access key to get on to the floor, so when the elevator doors opened on the 7th floor, I waited…to see what he was going to do next. I think in my head I thought, he looks young and inexperienced, and probably thought the tired girl with all the bags would be distracted and slim pickings. But buddy, I am Trini. We are always alert to scam artists and criminal elements. Lol. When he saw I was not going towards the access door, he picked up a bag of dirty sheets from the housekeeper’s cart next to the elevator and as luck (for him) would have it, the male housekeeper opened the door, giving him easy and convenient access to the floor.
Well, helllllllll nooooo I was not getting into that corridor with him on the floor, so I waited. The housekeeper was already gone and the lift was taking its bleedin’ time to get back up. Then the door opened and he – wannabe attacker – came back out without the bag and pressed the down button on the elevator. I took my pass key and opened the door to the floor and swung my head around and sure enough, Mr Wonderful was following me in. In my best, most aggressive and cut-eye Trini accent, I asked – “What happen? You have a problem? You (bleep) want something?”
Not sure if he was stunned that I spoke to him or just really scared cause I was really kinda menacing but he shook his head and walked back to the elevator. At the same moment, the housekeeper was making his way back up the hallway and I asked him if that guy worked in the hotel.
“No. I thought he was a guest. He’s not with you?”
Well needless to say, walkie talkie came out and calls were made, but by that time, he was long gone. I noticed the bag of dirty sheets on the floor next to one of the rooms – a foiled ruse for sure.
Two hours later as I was making my way to the train station, who should I notice exiting another hotel, possibly after casing the guests there? You guessed it. I wonder how many women he has managed to actually rob/attack successfully? Pretty scary. I do not try to test fate. Hardly. But I do not try to just be a victim either.


  1. My god girl! That is scary. I'm soo proud of you. I have no idea what I would have done in this scenario, but I'm not so sure I would have been as fearless as you. Hats off to you, girl.

  2. That is so scary. Good thing you have great instincts and pay attention to your surroundings. I'd hate to think what could have happened.

  3. Good for you! Thanks for sharing this. Hope you enjoyed London inspite of that horrible man.


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