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I have these stemless wine glasses in my cart
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Lately, it has been hard for me to write but this weekend I feel inspired to work on a couple of projects. I have also been puttering around home sites a lot lately, as my mum and I have been on a decor mission the past couple weeks. I love home decor sites and unusual home accessories, and so when I was introduced to this site - Uncommongoods.com - I was pretty excited by some of the cute stuff available for the out-of-the-box kinda person.

For the quirky homemaker, there are some really cute items which can make great gifts for family members or friends who have a bit of an unusual style. The stemless wine glasses in the photo are definitely going to be part of my kitchen and entertainment arsenal, but there are dozens of other great finds on the site.

I took a look through their gift registry and what I like most is that you can personalise some of the items like THIS ONE which is part of their anniversary catalogue. You can check out some other items here.

You can also take a gander to their birthday gifts page, where you can browse through gifts for her for your girlfriend or BFF. Or if you are in baby shower season like one of my friends is now, and you have a shower to go to every 5 minutes and you want to be different and not give diaper cakes, then check out those gifts here. OMG - the stuff there is so damn cute.

There is not just stuff for the house, but you can pick up great jewellery and other types of gift items on the site as well.

I am pretty excited to get the stuff I ordered and will be sure to share them with you once I get them. What I really like is that these are items made by small artisans - they are not big brand/chain mass produced items which you will find in every home. The items are pretty but also are made with sustainability in mind, so environmental impact is low. If you like something a bit unique and love to support the independent artist, then Uncommongoods.com is a great place to start.

Although this post is sponsored, and I have been offered products as compensation, the opinions here are entirely my own.

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