Pre-Carnival Gym Rats: Just Like the Once-a-Year Christians

Happy New Year to everyone!!

So now that the Christmas/New Year holiday season is over, here on the rock, the Carnival season will now kick in. With a bit of a longer season this year (59 more days til Carnival), there is more time for the non-Beyonce types to get in some kinda shape – maybe nothing at all like Beyonce in 59 days unless one exiles oneself to a deserted island and only drinks from coconuts – but a few pounds lost here and there, especially if one wants to wear something like the stuff seen HERE. 

The problem I have with this though is the same problem one lady had with me the first and last time I decided to go to New Year’s Eve mass one year. As I took a seat in a middle pew, this bastion of Christianity, Bible and hymn book in hand, looked at me, sucked her teeth and then commented to her friend – “I cannot tolerate these once-a-year Christians” as I had clearly selected her preferred or usual seat. Yes, Christians are awesome! I won’t even get into that, however…

…the once-a-year gym rats are to me, what I clearly was to the old battleaxe in church. You know, the ones you only see a few weeks before Carnival. The gym just before Carnival is a zoo – literally.

A gym that looks like this is a nightmare on any day!!!

People almost become animals, because the gym is so full, and there is stiff competition for equipment. This is not limited to gyms, but also try running around the Savannah, where one has to wake before the chickens in order to avoid the scramble.

As an all-year believer in the sweat gods, I do the suck teeth at the once-a-year subscribers who trample on my comfort levels at the gym and elsewhere. For the next 59 days I am going to have to battle with them.

Of course there are also those who use this busy period as a golden opportunity to use a gym membership as an opportunity to gape and try to pick up a man or a girl. These are even more maddening than the “lose weight or die trying” rats, because at least they are actually trying to do something, as opposed to those who dress to impress and stand around idling and gaping, often hogging equipment that could be put to better use by those who are serious, or sometimes they just stand there, doing nothing and are just in the way.

Luckily for me, I use a private gym (at work) most of the time. The same issues apply but on a smaller scale, and my gym hours (any iteration of 4am) somewhat protect me from the rush. Still, there are other classes for which I know I will need to do battle for space. I am trying to mix it up as much as possible, primarily to avoid boredom, but also to avoid me giving someone a concussion with a dumb-bell.


  1. Oh yes - as a former fitness instructor (still a gym goer, but no longer a church goer) I get it. We used to call the packed gym a result of the "New Year's Resolution People." They only hang in there until March and the gym goes back to normal. As for the church people who "cannot tolerate" other people who come - no matter if it's once a year? I'd suspect these are the ones with the fish on the back of the cars who like to cut off other people, run red lights ... you know, the 'good' Christians. Happy New Year & kudos on the private gym! Cheers ~

    1. LMAO. You all have the "fish on the back of the car" Christians too? The ones who drive in a very un-Christian like manner? is ubiquitous!!!

  2. HAHA I remember being one of those pre-Carnival gym rats back when I was in Form 6. Now when I go to the gym for other reasons and get annoyed by all the New Year's Resolution gym goers I think back and feel bad for the people that I annoyed back then *shame face*
    Also, totally inspirational that you go to the gym that early...guess it pays off since you don't have to deal with all the 'Carnival body' hype!

  3. I love the analogy to Christmas Christians - HA!! As a fitness instructor I have seen fights over spin bikes this time of year and it 'aint pretty. I just hold my breath and bide my time until the second week in Feb when it tends to die down. Great article. Following from SITSharefest!

  4. I understand the frustration. I've only been a regular gym-goer during my grad school years and it was the same at the beginning of a semester and just before Spring Break. However, as someone who has struggled with her weight I commend anyone who tries. It's too bad the gyms have to end up like a madhouse and maybe that's part of the reason the "January Joiners" don't tend to stick around. It's too bad the crowds get that way, because a more supportive environment may help everyone meet their fitness goals, even if they are just trying to start that healthy habit.

    It's awesome that you have a 4am gym routine! Amazing! I
    Good luck with the crowded classes! Visiting from SITS

  5. I might be guilty of giving a "CME Christian" (Christmas, Mother's Day & Easter) and eyeroll when I can't find a seat in church - but that's my fault for being late & i'm happy that folks come to church whenever they can. But I'm less forgiving when the gym is too crowded - LOL!

  6. This is so funny and I SOOO feel your pain! That planet fitness shot looks identical to my planet fitness!! I generally go to the gym by me in times square but when I am home on the weekends I got to PF and lately its hasn't been pretty!! I am excited for March though. Things will loosen up a bit. :) Visiting from Sharefest! Love your blog. Now following :)

  7. I actually didn't sign us up for the usual monthy membership at the gym - I know how insanely crazy it is this time of year. I actually had a girl ask me why I was "sweating so much".... SERIOUSLY? It's a gym, I come to kick ass and burn a million calories, not to get a date! :-)


    1. Ugh. Why you're sweating so much? Seriously?? The fakers and posers I can really do without. I am so glad that I have access to a less insane gym at work, though the morning traffic in there is always a bit heavier this time of year.

  8. Girl you had me cracking up with this. Me and one of my girlfriends were just talking about being "once a year Christians". What happened to celebrating the fact that these people decided to go to church and "fellowship" at all? Some Christians sleigh me. You hit the nail on the head with this one. New friend stopping by from SITS. ;)

  9. I haven't yet joined a gym b/c I can't deal with crowds like the one you depicted there. NO THANK YOU! Awesome that you have a gym at work though; what a major bonus!

    I'm actually doing a lot of Jillian Michaels DVDs at home lately which have been kicking my butt. Once the temps warm up enough for me to venture outside, I'll likely hit up a new yoga studio that just opened (I'm hoping combining 1-2 classes a week with home equipment will help me get into some semblance of a shape not resembling a pear).


  10. I'm dying right now! Everyone is hustling to get their bodies in shape, knowing full well they needed to be doing that since Carnival finished last year! Lucky for me, I don't care. I've recently started working out to better home though. I can't stand the thought of someone watching me. I will not be attending Carnival this year, perhaps next. LOL Have fun and try to forgive these fools. :)


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