Black Girl Problems

Hello fine people. I am alive. I am here.

So besides being extremely busy with work, I have also been trying to use the few moments when I am not working and not comatose from exhaustion to plan vacation. I have been going over in my mind all the little details but besides worrying about the one medium sized suitcase limit I have set myself in order to avoid insanity en route to airports etc, there is also one major dilemma...

The black girl vacation hair dilemma!!!

To be more specific - the Trininista vacation hair dilemma.

Let me just reiterate here - I am NOT a hair person. I repeat - I am NOT a hair kinda girl. Some girls are really good with makeup or nails or looking super fashionista. I can kinda fall into these categories on some days, but the super fly hair girl? Not me. And this is on a good day - a regular day when I still have access to my arsenal a la my dressing table. And still, I tend to take the easy way out 9 out of 10 times.

Vacation is a whole different bucket of water! Especially with the one suitcase limit, and the general hatred of having to take a whole battery of hair products with me. Especially when you are not sure you will have access to super fly hair girl products and salons, or friends who can address one's general lack of hair skills. Black hair is a special kind of animal. You just don't roll off the bed, shake it and look like Oprah. Furthermore, who has the time? Vacations are supposed to be fun. One wants low maintenance, easy, ready-to-go hair, and a style that would protect one's hair from the stresses of vacation - the changes in weather for example.

So what does a cute brown girl do that is both easy and fierce?

Well, with my hair as it is now, I can do maybe some braids...

 but I hate the time it takes to get braids done. I have a life!

Maybe something like this.

Or maybe not. I can feel the heat scorching my scalp and neck just looking at that. Not to mention I once tried a wig that looked like this and looked like a damn fool. Or this, a little shorter but much hair!

Or just invest in a few wraps and do this...

Me likey. Needless to say, I would still need to pack a jar of something to keep my hair in good working order, but hey...small price to pay. But when one also considers the scaled down toiletries bag as well - it is just too much.

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