Life and Ice-Cream - Savour every moment

My home-made cherry coconut ice cream
Yesterday I made a tub of home made cherry coconut ice-cream - rich, creamy ice-cream. The funny thing is, I did not want to eat it, as good as it was. Oh, I loved making it but you know us, girls, always worrying about weight and stuff.

Today, I got news that a former colleague had died. Cancer. She had come back from vacation late last year, and complained of feeling ill. She fought the good fight, but she will be laid to rest today.

And then I went back to this ice cream. We often snipe about such trivial things and miss out on so many wonderful experiences - whether they are big or small. But this amazing thing called life is not a trivial matter. It is an enormous gift that we should all embrace and enjoy, and use well, not just for ourselves, but for others. The consolation I have is knowing she had a marvellous vacation, where she lived and laughed and loved, and in her life, she gave of herself to be a friend and mentor to others. Her memorial service was massive, testament to how well she lived her life and how well she was loved. May she rest in peace.

Today, I am going to enjoy a bit of my ice cream, and like life, even with the pitfalls that may come with it, savour every moment.


  1. Very timely piece. I have a childhood friend who has been battling cancer for years and this week she told us that they have exhausted treatments and she only has weeks left. In addition she had to explain this to her 5 year old daughter. :( Yes, we need to eat healthy and take care of ourselves as much as possible. But there are times when we should eat the ice cream...or in my case the big chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie that I bought today. Grab onto happiness in life wherever you can find it. :)

  2. I say eat the ice cream because there are so many people who can't. I feel the same way when I'm dealing with some of life's little annoyances. Baby spit up or 4-year-old tantrums. Then I suddenly think of friends who have lost babies. They would give almost anything to have to wipe up a big old splatter of baby barf or listen to their kid wail about not getting any candy. I mean, anything. So whatever it is, savor it. Ice cream. Family.

    Thanks for making me think this a.m.!!!

  3. Such a good post. It's sad that it takes tragedies sometimes to remind us to enjoy life.

  4. Beautiful, Trini. It's sad that we need such devastating things in life to happen to help us realize how good and precious and sweet life really can be...

    My thoughts are with you and your friend's family. May she rest in peace. XOXO


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